• Survival
  • Basic Survival Tips

    Whether you would like to learn how to survive through a widespread natural disaster or the wilderness, it is important that you learn some basic survival skills. We now live in uncertain times. We often hear about looming disasters whether manmade or natural. As such, it can be worthwhile to have some basic survival skills you can turn to in case of an emergency.

    Read on below to find out some of the main survival skills you can turn to in such situations.


    It is worth noting that human beings can survive for only three hours outside, exposed to harsh weather conditions. The first thing you will need to survive a disaster or the wilderness, is a makeshift shelter to act as a temperature regulator for your body. There are different types of shelter you can put together depending on where you are. Some of the materials you can use in making a makeshift shelter include cardboard boxes, leaves, pits in the ground and tents. These should be enough to shield you from extreme weather elements as necessary.


    The human body is made up of 78% water. This means that without access to water, the body will shut down and die. You can be able to survive without water for about three days. This means that you might have some time, although quite limited, to search for clean drinkable water. When looking for drinking water, it is important to remember just how deadly waterborne diseases are, as such you will need to purify untreated water before you drink it. If you do not have any commercial water purification aids, you can boil the water. Alternatively, you can look for springs in the wilderness.


    Fire is one of the most important resources for survival. You can use fire to warm your shelter, boil your water and cook your food. You can make a fire using modern supplies such as matches, or using archaic means. It is important for you to learn how to make a fire even in the most challenging and extreme weather conditions as it might make the difference between life and death.

    Self Defence

    Another important survival skill you need to learn is self-defence. Learning martial arts such as Krav Maga can help you get out of threatening situations. Here we are talking about learning how to get out of an assailant’s hold or trap for just a split second so that you can escape.

    Although you need the above skills to survive in extreme conditions, it is important to note that your mind is the most important survival resource. Staying positive will help you keep your mind at ease and free from panic.