Camping in the Backyard

Do you always let go of the idea of going camping because you don’t have the time to travel away from home? Well, there is no need for such excuse as outdoor camping can take place just right there in the backyard your home.  Backyard camping is ideal for first-timers who don’t want to test the harsh weather outdoors for the first time.  You can expose your kids to a great outdoor camping without leaving the comfort of your homes.

Pitch your tent in the backyard and have some marshmallows to have a great family outdoor adventure right at home. Backyard camping is as fun as all other camping and comes without the extra costs of travel and carrying supplies and gears.

Camping in the backyard is a good test before heading into the woods

For those who have never been to camping in their lives, you can have a feel of what to expect right in your backyard. This should give you an idea whether you can survive out there without the luxury of dashing to your house and picking an item you forgot. Do you think your two children can handle a camping experience? Why not set up a mock campground in your backyard and see how things turn out?

Most families with small kids camping in the backyard have had to return to their rooms after a few hours as the conditions get worse. This should be a good test to help you prepare for any camping experience further away from home.

Ideas to plan for a backyard camping
Backyard camping can give you or the excitement and fun that comes with camping away from home, but you have to properly prepare for it.  You should not take anything for granted and just imagine you can always return to the house when things go bad.  Here are some ideas on how to plan for backyard camping:

 Get your gears ready

You must get all the gears you need ready if you plan to have an authentic experience. Take a look around the house and see what gears are available before heading out to the store to buy. This can help you save some money. Some of the basic gears you will need include tent, bedrolls/sleeping bag, flashlights, and a backpack.  Let every member planning for the camp gather all items they will need even if they will just a be a few meters from the house.

 Set up the camp as a family

Don’t let the task of setting the tent to dad when you can help. It should be done by all family members. The kids should help out as they learn to help out. You can plan out responsibilities so that every person knows what to do at what time.

Set out rules and expectations

There must be rules properly read out to all family members. The kids should know that there is no running to the house to watch some TV and get back to the tent. You should plan for things like:

  • Hike in the neighborhood
  • Make turns reading a book around the campfire
  • Explore dirt, rocks, trees, and insects around your home
  • Tell stories in turns
  • Locate various stars in the sky

Plan for activities after dinner

Look for games that should help you bond with family after the dinner meal. You can read stories, play a game or sing in turns.

Tips to make the camping experience fun and enjoyable

Your backyard camping should give you the same experience as if you were further away from home.  Here are some few tips to make the moment fun and enjoyable:

  • Setup the camp to look like the real campsite in the woods
  • Unplug and relax by staying away from your phones, computers and other electronic devices
  • Make the experience extra fun for the small ones
  • Pretend the house is not there
  • Get the real camping gear


Backyard camping should be as good as the real one away from home if you take every step in planning for it seriously.  Ensure you have every gear and supplies required for you. Set the time from which you will no longer enter the house. You can decide when to lock the house and when earliest anybody can enter the house.